What does your birthstone mean? What does your birthstone mean?

What does your birthstone mean?

Have you seen our new Hues collection? We have added pop of colours to our pieces with delicate trillion cut gemstone pendants.

Gemstones are known to have healing properties, and if you're going to choose one for its special meaning, a significant birthstone, or just your favourite colour - these multicoloured pendants will add a pretty pop of colour to your necklace layers.


Garnet : January birthstone, 2nd wedding anniversary gift

The deep red Garnet gemstone represents balance, strength and self-empowerment, and is also widely regarded for its healing powers. There’s more - it also embodies unwavering female energy, so you can wear this precious garnet necklace to connect with that fierce warrior inside you.

Amethyst : The February birthstone, 6th wedding anniversary gift

The pretty lavender Amethyst stone is a crystal that promotes awareness and contentment, and is seen as an essential stone for cleansing and purifying. Its healing and calming properties make it the go-to gemstone for meditation and stress relief, so you are as zen as can be with this amethyst necklace.

Aquamarine: The March birthstone, 19th wedding anniversary gift

There is something really special about a crystal that is the stunning blue colour of the water and sky. The Aquamarine precious stone is said to have calming tranquil properties, and is associated with youth, hope and health. 


White topaz: April birthstone

If there was one crystal that encourages self-expression through clarity of thoughts, it is the clear White Topaz. It enhances your creativity and individuality by bringing an awareness of oneself. And to top that off, the White Topaz gemstone is a sparkling addition to your jewellery lineup.

Green onyx:  May birthstone

The Green Onyx is the symbol of restfulness and purity. It is seen to attract positive energies, relieving you of stress and fears. With its soothing qualities, it is definitely one to have for love, affection, and friendship.

Moonstone: June birthstone, 13th wedding anniversary gift

Reminiscent of the moon with its pearly iridescence, Moonstone represents changes and new beginnings. It is also seen as a mystical gemstone that nourishes and heals, and even brings sweet dreams to its wearer.

Ruby: July birthstone, 15th or 40th wedding anniversary gift

Ruby is all about powerful feelings - a gemstone of passion, energy, and a zest for life. And if that’s not enough to get you going, this fiery red precious stone is also said to restore courage and energy. Now talk about a stone you need in your life.

Peridot: August birthstone, 1st wedding anniversary gift

Peridot symbolises strength and is said to instill power and influence in the wearer. Also a gemstone of warmth and well-being, it represents your inner radiance and is also known for its protective powers.

Blue sapphire: September birthstone, 65th wedding anniversary gift

The blue sapphire is not only stunning, it is the stone of wisdom and royalty. It also represents faithfulness and sincerity, making the blue sapphire a favourite gemstone gift to a loved one.

Pink tourmaline: October birthstone, 5th wedding anniversary gift

Pink Tourmaline is said to be the best crystal for emotional support during tough times, and carries a strong energy of strength and positivity. Its vibrant hue makes it a crowd favourite for encouraging love and friendship.

Citrine: November birthstone, 10th wedding anniversary gift

It’s like wearing sunshine. Citrine is a subtle yellow gemstone that is often referred to as the ‘success stone’ associated with prosperity and fortune. It is also said to be a regenerating rock that enhances confidence and promotes joy.

Blue topaz: December birthstone, 4th and 19th wedding anniversary gift

If you are looking to find some peace and clarity of mind, the rich Blue Topaz will be your gemstone of choice. It promotes harmony and relaxation, and is used for calming emotions which comes in handy in unsettling times of transformation. 


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