Feb 2021

And Just Like That...The Return of SATC

After the past year we've all had, finally there's some good news! It's almost as if the universe is rewarding us.

Cocktails, designer outfits, beautiful apartments, great hair and makeup, female leads and complicated love lives; it has officially been confirmed that Sex and The City is returning to our screens later this year.

Yep, three of our four favourite leading ladies are making one big (fashionably late) comeback; Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis (sadly minus the iconic Kim Cattrall) are to be reunited in the Big Apple once again.


As far as we know, not much has been revealed at this stage but the new series is titled 'And Just Like That...' and is set to follow the three main characters during the global pandemic, now in their 50s.

Apparently, the limited series will include 10 half-hour episodes, shaped by the women's careers and Carrie's relationship with social media in today's digital world.

We couldn't help but wonder....what will their wardrobes be like? How much has changed in their personal and professional lives? Are any of them single? Are they still as good friends? How will they possibly socialise amidst a global pandemic? Will this series be better than the films? How will it turn out without Samantha? 


But, most crucially for us; will Carrie still be still be wearing her famous gold name necklace? 

If the thought of the return of the series is filling you with massive 90s nostalgia, fret not; we've at least got you covered on the name necklace front until the series eventually launches. Other than that, we're afraid just like the rest of the world, you'll have to remain patient.

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