Sep 2020

Conscious Diamonds Collection at Home with Bettina Looney

It's no secret we are totally obsessed with the gorgeous Bettina Looney for her love of conscious buying, impeccable fashion, and her incredible eye for all things unique and vintage. 

So we were very excited when we got the chance to show her our new Conscious Diamonds Collection and get a closer look at her wardrobe.

Having wanted to create a collection of everyday luxury diamond pieces that don't cost the Earth (socially, or environmentally), we've spent the past two years perfecting this capsule collection. Made with 100% recycled gold, and lab-grown diamonds, these are conflict-free, sparkly, and crafted here in the U.K. 

A magpie for solid gold and vintage jewellery, Bettina told us that "sustainability and what we can do in the future to keep to keep that going" is a really important aspect for any jewellery brand (especially the newbies like us!)

When it comes to Bettina's fashion and jewellery pieces she "really tries to understand how they are created", so we shared a bit more about our exclusive use of lab-grown diamonds (notepads at the ready).

Lab-grown diamonds are truly the only conflict free diamond out there. Made above the ground from a diamond seed, they emulate exactly what happens beneath the Earth's surface. They are physically, chemically and aesthetically identical to mined diamonds with important differences. They don't harm workers, the environment or the communities around us. 

Yep, you guessed it. Bettina's wardrobe is what dreams are made of, so we were really excited to have her style the collection, and pair it with some of our other bestsellers for an everyday look. 

For her first outfit, Bettina pairs a structured blouse and tailored trousers with our delicate Solitaire Diamond Necklace, Constellation Diamond Necklace, and Moon Disc Gold Necklace, stating that "a subtle bit of daintiness adds a lot" to an everyday look.







For the successful stylist and entrepreneur, "pearls and vintage go really well together", so she paired our Marine Pearl Necklace with the North Star Diamond Necklace and Trillion Bar Diamond Necklace to create a dainty and timeless addition to the outfit.







A big fan of oversized blazers and a bolder look, Bettina also loved styling some of our chunkier necklaces together with the new delicate diamond pieces stating;

"I always say let the diamond do the talking, I find that with a diamond piece it is easier to pair it with something that is more toned down. So for example a chunkier gold piece, or something more solid. I think with that you're able to add as much as you like"

She layered our Kismet Charm Necklace and Everyday Gold Chain Necklace with the North Star Diamond Necklace and a solid-gold initial necklace (launching soon!). 






If you're like us, and you want to see more, you can find the full video here (it includes her incredibly cute puppy; Archie). You can also shop all of Bettina's picks through the links above and take a look at the brand new Conscious Diamonds Collection here.








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